The primary goal of any alcoholic beverage consumption should be good times had by all. One more tip, though, if you want to have a nice time with Hennessy Cognac: stock up on chasers. There is a wide variety of chasers available, and the type of drink you’re enjoying will usually determine which one you’ll want to use. Coke, ginger ale, tonic, iced tea, and flavored water are some of the most traditional mixers for cognac.

After sipping your primary beverage, you may want to chase it with something else. In this scenario, the chaser is meant to cut through the heaviness of the Hennessy and clear the palate for another taste.


A glass of Coca-Cola is a popular accompaniment to a shot of Hennessy. This is due in part to the fact that, like whisky, the flavors in Hennessy can be quite strong at first.

As a chaser, Coke offers two major advantages. First, it contains caffeine, which is known for its ability to increase focus and alertness when consumed in small doses. The sugar and caffeine will help restore your energy and blood sugar levels.

Coke complements Hennessy since it, too, is sweet and fizzy. The cognac’s powerful flavor is tempered by the carbonation, which also helps remove any stickiness. Hennessy’s roughness is softened by the coke’s syrupy sweetness. This comes in handy late in the game because it means you’ll have less of a hangover and more energy in the morning.

Ginger Beer

Although the savory complexity of Hennessy and the sweet spiciness of ginger ale sound like an odd combination, they complement one another rather well. The carbonation level of ginger ale is low compared to that of Hennessy. However, they do have some things in common, which allows them to complement each other so well.

The bitterness of a Hennessy shot alone is sometimes too much to handle. If you want to take your time enjoying the flavor rather than immediately downing a shot, a swallow of ginger ale afterward can do the trick. The spices in the Hennessey aren’t lost in the carbonation like they would be in a soft drink like Coca-Cola, so the flavors come through more clearly.

You need not worry about the healthfulness of this pairing because ginger ale (prepared with actual ginger root instead of artificial flavoring) is more of an acquired taste than cola.


Those who claim Hennessy’s flavor is an acquired one have never tried it mixed with tonic. Clear liquors like gin and vodka pair well with tonic. But it’s also a great choice for individuals who want to tone down the strong taste of alcohol.

Carbonated water is infused with quinine, a chemical derived from the cinchona tree bark, to create tonic water. It has a sharp, lemony taste that works to tone down the booziness of your drink while also adding a touch of fizz and zero extra calories.

The bitterness of tonic as a chaser can help soften the harshness of the Hennessey, which is typically stronger than wines and ciders. The added carbonation in the Hennessy chaser is what gives it its distinctive mouthfeel; newcomers to using tonics as chasers may even experience a little tingle in their mouths.

Chilled Tea

Whisky tastes better after being chased with another flavor, and since Hennessey is already a somewhat sharp liquor, adding something like iced tea to the mix is a good idea.

A glass of Hennessy cognac and a tall glass of iced tea is the perfect combination. Sip your iced coffee after downing a shot of Hennesey, and you’ll see the world in a whole new light. The iced tea’s sugar eases the pain and leaves you feeling cool and refreshed. Many cocktail recipes use┬áthe two together since they go so well together.

Serving Suggestions for Our Top 5 Hennessy Chasers


  • Classic Reviver: Serve a shot of Hennessy accompanied by a chilled classic Coke. Encourage your guests to notice how the vibrant carbonation revives the palate, preparing it for the next delightful sip.
  • Sweet & Fizzy Fun: Set up a Hennessy and Coke DIY station where guests can play with the proportions to find their perfect blend. Spice it up with a twist of lime or a cherry garnish.

Ginger Beer

  • Spiced Elegance: Following a neat Hennessy shot, surprise your guests with a ginger beer chaser that adds a spicy kick, elevating the rich notes of the cognac.
  • Sophisticated Duo: Serve a shot of Hennessy alongside a highball glass filled with ginger beer over ice. Advise your guests to take small sips of each, marveling at the harmonious play of flavors.


  • Crisp Harmony: Offer a refined tasting experience by pairing a Hennessy shot with a tonic having a hint of lemon. Let your guests appreciate the fine dance between the robust cognac and the tonic’s citrus notes.
  • Bubbly Bliss: Invite your guests to explore a refreshing take on Hennessy with a tonic chaser, encouraging them to note the exciting tingles and fizz as they savor each sip.

Chilled Tea

  • Cool Serenity: Transform the Hennessy experience by pairing it with a cool iced tea chaser. Suggest adding a lemon wedge or a mint leaf to their tea for a refreshing twist that beautifully contrasts the warm notes of the cognac.
  • Tea-Time Play: Encourage guests to find their perfect pair by offering a variety of iced teas as chasers, from classic black to fruity infusions, promoting a playful exploration of flavors.

Infused Water

  • Nature’s Kiss: Present your guests with a delightful and health-conscious option by pairing Hennessy with infused water. Offer a variety of herbs and fruits for guests to customize their chaser, creating a personal symphony of flavors that sing alongside the cognac.
  • Refreshing Splash: Treat your guests to a rejuvenating experience with a chilled glass of infused water, highlighting how the pure and crisp notes enhance the rich, complex flavors of Hennessy.

By presenting a variety of chasers, each with their unique serving suggestion, you offer an interactive and diverse tasting session that not only complements the Hennessy but also adds a touch of excitement and personalization to the gathering. Each serving suggestion is designed to bring out the best in Hennessy while providing a fresh and dynamic approach to enjoying this renowned cognac. You’ve had a rough day, and a shot of Hennessy is just what the doctor ordered. Many individuals will tell you that your preferred cognac goes wonderfully with a cigar. However, infusing water can spice things up without adding calories or chemicals.

Why are people raving about flavored water? Simply put, adding water to food or drink improves its flavor. Water, which has no flavor of its own, is great for enhancing the taste of other foods and drinks.

Hennessey can be improved upon by adding the right complements. You can save yourself some calories by passing on the sugary chasers, and your blood sugar won’t increase nearly as much as it would if you drank something like soda or juice. The basic recipe only requires a jar or pitcher, some fruit and herbs, and water. After two hours, filter out the ingredients and serve the infused water as a chaser for your Hennessey.

To The Hennessy drinkers

Good chasers, as we’ve seen, might be the perfect accompaniment to your favourite spirit. Consider the various flavors in your drink as you make your choice. A good chaser, though, can transform an otherwise mediocre night into a memorable one.