Few occasions loom larger than the 150th edition of the Kentucky Derby. As America’s oldest continuously held sporting event, this milestone warrants a celebration of historic proportions, capturing the attention of connoisseurs far and wide, particularly within the whiskey world.

In homage to the illustrious “Run for the Roses,” Woodford Reserve, the esteemed presenting sponsor of the Kentucky Derby, unveils its most extraordinary whiskey to date: a triple-barreled American whiskey, meticulously crafted and limited to a mere 150 production decanters. Each exquisite crystal decanter is meticulously crafted by the renowned French Maison Baccarat and elegantly presented in a bespoke leather case, crafted in Scotland.

Scheduled for release on March 28th, these coveted bottles will be made available for purchase exclusively at Woodford Reserve’s distillery gift shop, its online platform, and a select few Kentucky retailers. However, the privilege of indulging in this exceptional libation comes at a premium, with each decanter priced at a remarkable $15,000. The release, naturally, is of the utmost exclusivity, befitting the grandeur of the occasion. Yet, amidst the opulence, there’s a gesture of generosity: the owner of the victorious steed in this year’s Derby will be presented with a complimentary decanter during the revered Garland of Roses ceremony at Churchill Downs.

But what lies within these meticulously crafted vessels? At its essence, the liquid is an American whiskey that traces its origins back to Woodford Reserve bourbon. It undergoes a transformative journey, maturing first in XO Cognac barrels before undergoing a final flourish of refinement in two bespoke “couture” barrels, fashioned from American oak staves seasoned in the hallowed ground of the Kentucky Derby winner’s circle.

But the true testament lies in the tasting experience. Having had the privilege of sampling a small preview ahead of the official unveiling, the sensory journey unveils a symphony of flavors. On the nose, familiar notes of dark oak, creme brûlée, and bananas foster intertwine with an abundance of red fruit aromas, accented by nuances of apple cider, mulling spices, and hints of dry red wine with prolonged aeration.

Upon the palate, a crescendo of toffee, milk chocolate, dates, and dried mango dances across the senses, accompanied by a luscious, viscous mouthfeel that envelops the palate in a tapestry of indulgence. The fruit character, amplified by the additional cask influence, shines with unparalleled sweetness and boldness, leaving an indelible impression.

The finish unfolds with a lingering sweetness, dominated by fruit-forward notes and a creamy texture that lingers on the palate, underscored by nuances of vanilla, offering a fitting conclusion to this remarkable tasting experience.

Woodford Reserve’s commemorative 150th Kentucky Derby whiskey emerges as a singular masterpiece, distinct from its counterparts in the brand’s repertoire. It beckons to be savored, a testament to craftsmanship, tradition, and the enduring spirit of the Kentucky Derby. Let us embrace the spirit of celebration and savor every drop of this unparalleled American whiskey, ensuring that its legacy endures for generations to come.