Want to savor every last drop of whiskey? Whiskey fans can get a glimpse of the business side of things and a plethora of interesting information from these podcasts and channels. The top whiskey podcasts and channels to stream in 2024 will help you learn the ins and outs of cocktails, immerse yourself in the world of distilling or bartending, and stay abreast of industry news.


The WhiskyCast is a podcast that promises to provide in-depth conversations with the distillers of the “water of life.” New episodes are released twice weekly. Listeners can expect detailed discussions with distillers, providing insights into the craft, techniques, and philosophies behind whiskey production. With new episodes dropping twice weekly, WhiskyCast offers a steady stream of fresh content to keep listeners engaged and informed. The podcast often incorporates listener feedback and opinions, fostering a sense of community and interaction among whiskey enthusiasts. Alongside interviews and discussions, WhiskyCast includes tasting notes, helping listeners refine their palates and deepen their appreciation for different whiskey profiles. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the whiskey world, from industry trends to new releases and events.


Hosts Will and Greeze share entertaining stories and anecdotes related to whiskey, bourbon, and scotch, adding a fun and relatable element to the podcast. From discussions on specific whiskey brands to broader topics like whiskey culture and history, PodCask covers a wide range of subjects to appeal to all whiskey enthusiasts. With their motto “We don’t know Jack but we’ll drink it,” Will and Greeze bring a lighthearted and humorous tone to the podcast, making it accessible and enjoyable for listeners of all levels of expertise.

Kristopher Hart—Whiskey Neat

Whiskey Neat provides an insider’s perspective on the distillation process and the journey of whiskey from barrel to bottle, offering listeners a deeper understanding of the craft. Through interviews with key figures in the spirits industry, listeners gain insights into the people and stories behind their favorite whiskies, enhancing their appreciation for the beverage. The podcast explores whiskey production from across the nation, showcasing the diversity and innovation within the American whiskey landscape

Whiskey Lore

Best-selling whiskey travel writer Drew Hannush delves into the myths, legends, and folklore surrounding whiskey, enriching listeners’ understanding of its cultural significance. Learn about the historical processes and traditions that contribute to whiskey’s unique flavor and character, deepening your appreciation for the spirit’s complexity. Drew’s storytelling prowess brings whiskey history to life, captivating listeners with tales of adventure, intrigue, and discovery.

Whiskey Women

The podcast aims to elevate whiskey beyond its traditional image as a “gentleman’s drink,” introducing listeners to diverse whisky brands and encouraging inclusivity within the whiskey community. With a blend of humor and insightful discourse, Whiskey Women promises entertaining and engaging discussions that break down barriers and invite more people to explore whiskey.

Whiskey Amateur Podcast

Dive into a unique hour-long whiskey-themed competition designed for amateur enthusiasts, offering an interactive and engaging experience for listeners looking to test their knowledge and palate. Tailored for amateur whiskey drinkers, this podcast provides approachable discussions and insights into the world of whiskey, making it ideal for those new to the spirit. The competition format encourages listener participation, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition among whiskey enthusiasts.

Cask Chasers Podcast

Cask Chasers welcomes listeners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned connoisseurs, ensuring that everyone can find value in their exploration of whiskey culture. Benefit from a wide range of perspectives, as whiskey producers, retailers, bloggers, critics, and fellow podcasters all contribute to the podcast’s exploration of whiskey, offering varied insights and expertise. Explore all aspects of the whiskey world, from production techniques and tasting notes to industry trends and historical anecdotes, providing a comprehensive overview of whiskey culture.

Bourbon Pursuit Podcast

Gain a deeper understanding of the bourbon industry through Bourbon Pursuit’s unique coverage, which includes discussions on manufacturing processes, interviews with industry leaders, and exploration of current trends and topics. Enjoy a diverse array of topics, ensuring that listeners receive a well-rounded education on Bourbon, from its history and production to its cultural significance and future developments. Benefit from insightful interviews with prominent figures in the bourbon industry, offering firsthand perspectives and insider knowledge that enrich your understanding of the spirit.

The Fred Minnick Show

Fred Minnick, a renowned spirits expert, brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to the podcast, offering listeners authoritative insights into the world of whiskey. He offers discussions with musicians about their tastes in whiskey and suggests drinks that complement their preferences, providing unique and entertaining content for listeners. Here you will learn about whiskey from a historical and cultural perspective, as Fred delves into the stories behind different whiskey brands and explores the factors that contribute to their distinct flavors and characteristics.

Behind the Still

Leaving out this gem would render any list of premier whiskey podcasts incomplete. RackHouse takes listeners on a nationwide quest to uncover distilleries that stand out not just for their spirits but for the compelling narratives of those who run them. They champion the belief that the essence of whiskey offers a glimpse into its past. From the tales of an Iowa grandmother with bootlegging roots to the craft of distilling whiskey under the vast Texas sky, their journey encapsulates the rich tapestry of stories that whiskey embodies.

Why Are Whiskey Podcast Valueble?

For beginner whiskey drinkers, diving into the world of whiskey podcasts offers a multifaceted approach to learning about this storied spirit. Each podcast brings its unique perspective, expertise, and storytelling to the table, making them invaluable resources for those just starting your knowledge into the whiskey world. Here’s why engaging with these podcasts is beneficial for novice whiskey enthusiasts:

  • Broad Spectrum of Knowledge:

Each podcast covers different facets of the whiskey world, from distillation processes and industry news to tasting notes and historical anecdotes. This variety ensures a well-rounded understanding of whiskey.

  • Accessibility of Expertise:

Gain insights from distillers, industry experts, and seasoned connoisseurs without leaving your home. This direct access to expert knowledge can accelerate your learning curve.

  • Cultural Appreciation:

Whiskey is more than just a drink; it’s a cultural artifact. Podcasts like Whiskey Lore delve into the legends and stories behind whiskey, enhancing your appreciation of each sip.

  • Tasting Skills Development:

Through discussions about tasting notes and flavors, such as those on WhiskyCast, beginners can learn how to better identify and articulate the complexities of whiskey.

  • Discover New Brands and Varieties:

With a focus on a wide range of whiskeys, from the well-known to the obscure, these podcasts can help expand your palate and introduce you to spirits you might not encounter otherwise.

  • Community Connection:

Podcasts often foster a sense of community among listeners, offering a platform to share opinions, ask questions, and engage with fellow whiskey lovers.

  • Entertainment Value:

Beyond educational content, the entertaining anecdotes and lively discussions make learning about whiskey enjoyable and engaging.

With direct access to industry experts, the opportunity to expand one’s palate, and the chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts, engaging with these podcasts is not only educational but also entertaining and enriching. Whether you’re a beginner looking to deepen your knowledge or a seasoned aficionado seeking new perspectives, whiskey podcasts provide a valuable resource for all levels of whiskey enthusiasts.