Rum is a popular alcoholic drink all over the world because of its flavor and smoothness. In this piece, we will discuss the best presents we’ve found for rum drinkers. We’re here to assist you in locating the perfect present for your loved one’s upcoming anniversary, birthday, or other event. There is a saying that goes, “Where there is rum, there is fun.”

A Tip Guide to The Best Rum Gifts

A decanter is a thoughtful present if the recipient is the type to proudly show off their spirits collection. A cocktail smoker or ice ball mold would make a great present for the host of a cocktail party. This is why it’s important to give some serious thought to the person you’re buying for and the benefits they’ll derive from the present. All of this information will come in handy while you shop for a special present for your loved one. You should consider how much money you have to spend on the present. You should not give a present that is too expensive.

Getting a loved one a gift that caters to their hobbies or passions increases the likelihood that they will utilize it because they will both appreciate the gesture and desire to use the item. If the recipient prefers their rum neat, a cocktail recipe book or drink smoker might be a waste of money. The rum connoisseur in your life could appreciate an unusual decanter or ice ball mold as a present.

Rum: A Bartender’s Guide to the Art of Mixing Drinks


  • Exciting New Recipes: The mixology advice in this cookbook spans the centuries. There are many more things you can learn from bartenders than only the recipes in this book.
  • Recipes for a lively party (such as a Mojito) and a relaxing night with friends (like a Mellow Mule) are included in this book. In its 192 pages, this booklet compiles the best drinks and mixology advice ever developed by professional bartenders.
  • Even if you have never mixed a drink before, you’ll be able to follow the clear instructions in this book and create your delicious cocktails in no time.


  • Unusual Cocktails: The drinks here are on the unusual side, so if you’re hoping to mix them with more traditional recipes, you might want to seek elsewhere.

This cocktail and drink recipe book is ideal for the novice mixologist or the person who just wishes to expand their horizons. For a night in or a get-together with friends, your special someone can try out one of the many cocktail ideas included in this book that feature rum. Additional volumes of The Art of Mixology focus on specific liquors, such as gin, bourbon, whisky, and more.

Set of 2 Whisky Glasses with Ice Ball Molds (4)


  • Heavy crystal construction makes these goblets more stable and long-lasting than standard whisky glasses. They’re durable enough to handle heavy use without breaking.
  • These ice ball molds are one-of-a-kind because they are shaped in a way that makes it simple to fill them with water and produce a perfect spherical. You can conserve valuable freezer real estate by stacking these ice ball molds. The ice molds are large enough to make an 11-ounce sphere of ice.
  • These ice cube trays and glasses are beautifully packaged in a wooden box that can be used for both storing and displaying your ice cubes and glasses. The glasses and ice moles can be stored safely and securely in the indented soft insert that comes inside the boxes.


  • Refund Policies: The product comes with a limited return policy, so if you’re not satisfied with it, you may get your money back or a new one within three months.

These whisky glasses are perfect for sipping scotch, bourbon, rum, and rye. If you have a loved one who enjoys rum, these fancy glasses would make the perfect present. You can construct a classy cocktail for the evening with the included ice ball holds.

The Cocktail Smoker Kit Including the Torch and Wood Chips


  • Everything a Cocktail Smoker Could Ever Want: A premium Brulee torch, a long-handled spoon, a cleaning brush, and four different flavored wood chips in their tins are included in this kit. The various kinds of wood used to make the wood chips include walnut, apple, oak, and cherry.
  • This Smoker’s Operation is Straightforward: The cherry wood cocktail smoker should be set above a cocktail glass, which should already contain your chosen libation. Then, using a kitchen flame, light the wood chips above the smoker. Put the cigarette out and take a sip.
  • The Packaging: This smoker set is beautifully packaged in a bamboo box, a sustainable material. The tools will be safe inside the box thanks to the strong closure. Each variety of smoke chips is packaged in a discrete spherical tin, and the smoker itself is a sleek gold and black number.


  • It’s Pricey: At around $70, this cigarette lighter is outside of most people’s pricing range. This implies you should think about the cost and evaluate whether or not your loved one will get enough enjoyment out of the present to justify the sum.

An air of mystery and whimsy can be added to a drink with the help of a smoker. For this reason, a smoker would be a great present for the rum enthusiast in your life who has been dabbling in the art of cocktail creation but wants to take their drinks to the next level. Everything you need to smoke your next cocktail is included in this smoker.

Antique Ship Decanter for Whisky and Wine


  • This hand-blown glass antique ship decanter is of the highest quality and features a refined, one-of-a-kind design. This lead-free decanter features a decanter stopper that aerates the liquid and is recommended for hand washing. This is what gives the drink its wonderful flavor.
  • A glass decanter with a built-in spigot makes it easy to pour the contents into a glass. The decanter has a glass boat within to add a touch of whimsy. This decanter has a nautical theme because the four glasses included in the set include a globe graphic.
  • The hand-blown glass is sturdy, but it must be washed by hand to prevent excessive wear. Stainless steel, which the spigot is comprised of, resists corrosion and rust for long service life.


  • The Price: at around $120 on average, this item is more expensive than most people would like to spend on a present. You shouldn’t spend too much money on a present if you don’t think the recipient will like it.

This vintage ship-shaped whisky and wine decanter is a great present for a friend or family member who appreciates being able to show off their liquor collection in a novel way. The four included glasses and decanter are connected by a tap that allows for a leisurely pour.

Whisky Globe Decanter From Atterstone


  • Its Capacity: This decanter has a large capacity, holding up to 850 ml of your favorite drink (enough for an entire bottle of rum). A glass bottle stopper is included to prevent any accidental decanting. The glass in this decanter was blown by hand, and it is supported by a wooden stand.
  • The Essentials for the Perfect Rum Drink: The 850 ml globe-shaped decanter, nine cooling stones (which may be frozen to replace ice), two globe glasses with map engravings, and a stainless-steel funnel are all included in this set.
  • The set’s stemware is crafted from lead-free, premium crystal that is safe for use in the kitchen and features an etched map. The frame is made of durable lacquered wood that can withstand repeated handling.


  • Despite being less expensive than some of the other options discussed in this piece, this decanter set still comes in at a hefty $45. Depending on where you get it from, there may be additional shipping and import taxes, so make sure your present recipient wants it.

This is a great present for the rum connoisseur who wants a special way to show it off. This decanter globe set is versatile since it can hold a variety of spirits besides rum, including whisky, brandy, bourbon, scotch, and vodka.

If you’re interested in learning how to prepare interesting new cocktails using rum, a recipe book is a fantastic place to start.

The Atterstone decanter globe is a great present if your loved one likes rum and is searching for a unique way to show it off. The cocktail smoker kit is perfect for those who want to take their cocktail crafting to the next level, and the whisky glasses with ice ball molds will improve the drink’s visual appeal.

The best present is always relative to the recipient and what they would enjoy receiving. Because of this, before making a purchase, you should think carefully about the recipient, the gift’s suitability, and your financial constraints.